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Installation and service

Maintenance of asphalt plant of any manufacturer

All work is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the Tatmash company. The vast experience of the company's first-class engineers allows us to guarantee the high quality of not only installation supervision and commissioning, but also to conduct personnel training.

The advantages of working with us:

Possible breakdown of foundations and their manufacture, complex design of the territory for the construction of the ABZ. Before starting the assembly of the plant at the Customer's site, our engineer goes to the site to assess the degree of its readiness and to accept the equipment. Installation time is not more than 30 days. A company specialist can give professional advice on how to deal with force majeure situations during installation. An integrated approach to assembly: work with hardware, electrical and other systems of the plant is performed by one person, he is always aware of the situation at the Customer's site. Mandatory test run of the plant at the end of installation. Debugging of the plant.

Service from professionals
Installation supervision
Online and offline consultations 24/7
Departure of the engineer to the area
Repair of components and assemblies
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