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Home/News/Installation/Completion of installation work at asphalt plant Start - 80

Completion of installation work at asphalt plant Start - 80

By the Day of Road Workers, our engineers have completed the installation of asphalt plant Tatmash of the Start-80 series in Orenburg! Gas supply and commissioning works will be carried out ahead.

The Start series is the basic line of modern 5-fraction Tatmash asphalt plants. The optimal choice among mid-segment factories designed to replace obsolete installations operating on 4 fractions of inert materials. The main units and assemblies of the asphalt plant series are made in auto-size to optimize the cost of transportation to the customer's site.

Asphalt plant of the premium segment, the Sputnik series with a capacity range from 80 to 240 t / h, a vibrating screen for 6 fractions, components from top global manufacturers, thermal insulation of all critical units for work in any climatic zone of Russia provide a technological advantage for working according to the most modern industry standards.