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Equipment for road construction companies
Technologies. Quality. Service
About Us

The Tatmash company was created on the basis of the PMK-21 enterprise, which has been operating in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan since 1983. During the next stage of development, the company's activities were additionally focused on the design and production of equipment for construction companies. In recent years, the Tatmash plant has developed modern equipment for the production of asphalt concrete and other types of building mixtures.

Today the Tatmash plant is a Russian production based on European quality standards. The equipment produced meets all international standards for technical and operational characteristics, as well as for environmental safety.
An innovative production site is located in the heart of Tatarstan. The facilities of the production base include plasma cutting equipment, welding stations, milling, turning and rolling machines, press brakes with program control, as well as professional equipment for painting works. The plant has all the necessary resources for the manufacture of spare parts and units for asphalt plants of various manufacturers.

Our goals and priorities
Using our equipment to improve the quality and durability of Russian roads, as well as improve the investment climate in the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia generally. We work for the Client, the quality of the supplied equipment and services is the highest priority for us. At the Tatmash plant, only modern technologies for the production of road equipment are used. Modernization and the renovation of the production complex of the company is carried out annually. We invest the gained profit in the development of production and staff training.
Tatmash products
Thanks to many years of experience in the production and supply of equipment in Russia, we offer our clients proven effective solutions. An optimized production scheme allows for the production of high quality products at optimal prices. The range of Tatmash equipment includes two series of asphalt plants Start and Sputnik, soil mixing plants of the Standart series,
as well as heaters of liquid coolant of the Standart and Premium series.
From design to project implementation and service support
The complete sets of asphalt plants of the domestic manufacturer Tatmash take into account the requirements of world standards: use of components from reliable certified manufacturers, marking of cable products in accordance with European standards; convenient and simple fully automatic control; ensuring environmental safety requirements; safe maintenance of installations (availability of a security system).
Our advantages

The minimum terms of production and delivery. The Tatmash plant will produce asphalt plants from the presented model range in up to 30 days. Production of units and assemblies for modernization of outdated asphalt plants under the new GOSTs within 15 days.

Professional installation of equipment. The company's specialists will carry out work on the modernization of the automated control system in up to 10 days. Installation supervision for new equipment within 14 days. Location of the manufacturing plant. Due to the location of the production base in the central part of Russia, the time and cost of delivery of equipment to customers is significantly reduced.

Asphalt plant production in 30 days
Production of components and assemblies up to 15 days
Upgrade up to 10 days
Installation supervision up to 14 days
24/7 spare parts warehouse work
завод татмаш
Asphalt plants
The new generation of asphalt plant with 5/6 fractions of the vibrating screen meets European quality standards.
татмаш проект 2
Soil mixing plants
The advanced technologies of the sopl mixing plants will provide a guarantee of a stable release of quality material.
Heating liquid heaters
The new expansion tank system controls the temperature and the amount of oil.