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Bag filter unit

The Tatmash company supplies bag filter units for asphalt plants - the most efficient industrial plants for cleaning polluted air from dust. The separation of inorganic substances from the air flow occurs in stages: first in a cyclone, where large particles are screened out, and then in a chamber with sleeves. This approach allows to obtain high rates of air purification, as well as further use dust as one of the components of the asphalt concrete mixture. The durability of the sleeves is ensured by a heat-resistant Nomex fabric, a temperature sensor and a cold air emergency valve. With a critical increase in temperature, the sensor is triggered and a cooled stream enters the flue.

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To buy a block of bag filters for an asphalt concrete plant, call 8 (843) 208-66-88 or leave a request on the website. Our managers will provide you with all the necessary information, orientate on the delivery time and send you a commercial offer.

The bag filter unit of the Tatmash company is a guarantee of reliable and high-quality air purification from dust.