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Soil mixing plants

The Tatmash company supplies soil mixing plants of the Standart series with a productivity from 300 to 600 tons per hour. Each model is a continuous-action equipment that allows you to obtain cement-soil, bitumen-soil, cement-crushed stone and other types of mixtures. The design features of the soil mixing plants facilitate the installation of equipment on concrete slabs, and its dimensions, made in an auto size, facilitate easy transportation from one object to another. The equipment is controlled from the operator's cabin using software in Russian. Units and units of the Standart series are produced using components from Europe, China, South Korea and Japan.

This approach provides customers with high quality equipment at an affordable price.Soil mixing plants of Tatmash company allows to produce different types of homogeneous mixtures corresponding to the GOST 23558-94 standard and the recommendations of ODM 218.3.084-2020.

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Ideal solution for medium and large businesses in the road industry

If you are planning to buy a soil mixing plant of the Standart series, then call us at 8 (843) 208-66-88 or leave a request on the website.

Our experts will tell you about all the terms of delivery and make an individual commercial offer for you.