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Asphalt plants Sputnik - 100

120 t/h
aggregate silos
6 х 12 m³
dryer drum
Ø1800 х 7500 mm

Our flagship series is the perfect choice for road contractors looking for the most advanced asphalt solutions. The combination of a vibrating screen for 6 fractions, precise dosage and the best mixer in this segment will allow you to quickly switch from one mix recipe to another. The series is distinguished by flexibility, performance and reliability. The characteristics of the main components and assemblies are precisely matched to ensure the release of a high-quality mixture with the declared performance.

to 120 t/h
Aggregate silos
6 х 12 m³
Dryer drum
Ø1800 х 7000 mm
Burner power
11 MW
Filtration area of ​​bag filters
500 m²
Hopper capacity of hot materials
25 m³
Mixer (batch weight)
1500 kg
Ready mix hopper - additional option
Tower type — from 40 to 60 T
Standing next to — from 60 T
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