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Asphalt plants Start - 160

160 t\h
aggregate silos
5 х 16 m³
dryer drum
Ø2200 х 9000 mm

The optimal choice among mid-segment factories designed to replace obsolete installations operating on 4 fractions of inert materials. The main assemblies and assemblies of the asphalt plants of the Start series are made in auto-size to optimize the cost of transportation to the customer's site.

Asphalt plants Tatmash of the Start series with a 5-fraction vibrating screen can be equipped with any aggregates of additives to meet modern requirements for asphalt mixtures. The uninterrupted operation of the asphalt plants is ensured by reliable components and a well-thought-out design of assemblies.

to 160 t\h
Aggregate silos
5 х 16 m³
Dryer drum
Ø2200 х 9000 mm
Burner power
14,5 MW
Filtration area of ​​bag filters
590 m²
Hopper capacity of hot materials
25 m³
Mixer (batch weight)
2000 kg
Ready mix hopper - additional option
Tower type — from 40 to 60 T
Standing next to — from 60 T
Быстро арендовали грейдер, оперативно отвечают, звонить можно напрямую, рекомендую.
Грейдер GD605A-5 уже эксплуатируется нашими опытными специалистами, успешно выполняет поставленные задачи. Приносим благодарность компании.
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