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Bag filter unit for asphalt plant Kredmash DS117 / 158/185


The bag filter unit is used to remove inorganic dust from working gases. Its principle of operation is based on the passage of contaminated air through the material of the sleeves, in which dust particles remain on the fabric. The cleaning of the sleeves is carried out using air vacuum. The discarded dust enters the storage hopper, and from there - to the silo for storage, or is immediately used as a component of the asphalt concrete mixture.

The bag filter unit of the Tatmash company can be used as a purification system in asphalt concrete plants of the DC series. This makes it possible to modernize the existing equipment and increase the environmental safety of the enterprise. The bag filter unit allows you to purify polluted air up to 99.98%.

Bag filters are made of heat-resistant DuPont Nomex fabric (USA), which does not lose its properties at temperatures up to 240 ° C. To ensure that this value is not exceeded, a temperature sensor and a cold air supply valve are installed on the flue.

If you are looking for a block of bag filters for asphalt plants Kredmash of the DS series, then call us at 8 (843) 208-66-88 or leave a request on the website. Our managers will provide all the necessary information, orientate on the delivery time and send a commercial offer.

DUPONT «NOMEX», 230 pcs
Solenoid valve
23 pcs
Filtration area
200 m²
Filter type
Pulse regeneration
Exhaust fan power
22 kW
Exhaust air power
9 700-20 700 m³/h
Air release
≤30 mg/m³
Control type
Automatic / manual
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