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Soil mixing plants Standart - 300

Ideal solution for medium and large businesses in the road industry

A soil mixing plant is needed for the production of a cement-soil and bitumen-soil mixture. They are used to compact foundations for foundation structures, road and sidewalk beds, squares and temporary sites. This material allows you to save money by 4 times than conventional cement reinforcement. The unit is equipped with European components, which guarantees a long service life, and, if service is required, the shortest possible time. Automatic dosage allows you to comply with the recipe as much as possible and save on raw materials. The set includes an operator's cab with a Russian-language interface, Siemens automation, Schneider frequency converters and an air conditioner.


Installation benefits:

- higher availability and compactness while maintaining productivity
- automatic dosage allows you to comply with the recipe as much as possible and save on raw materials
- ease of use and maintenance
- the set includes an operator's cabin with a Russian-language interface, LG electronics
- perfect for small companies at the initial stages of development

Type of instalation
35 m х 22 m х 19 m
240 - 300 t/h
Power unit
3(4) х 10 m³
Mixer type
Hopper storage
6 m³
Unloading height
3 500 mm
Maximum fraction size
60 mm
Sand weighing accuracy
Weighing accuracy of filler
Water Weighing Accuracy
Bitumen Weighing Accuracy
Energy consumption
No more than 100 kW
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