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Russian asphalt plant: a new player from Tatarstan

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Russian asphalt plant: a new player from Tatarstan

Many companies that "inherited" territories and production facilities from Soviet enterprises are well aware of the asphalt mixing plants of domestic factories, installed back in the days of the USSR. For many years, obsolete equipment was used for the production of asphalt concrete mixture at such enterprises, while the requirements of national standards for the quality of the road surface only increased. Then the heads of the companies began the process of gradual renewal of equipment and, rather out of habit, acquired Russian asphalt plants from the manufacturers Rotor and KAZ, as well as from the Kredmash plant, which is located in Ukraine.

The asphalt plants of the RT, KA, DS, KDM series operating in Russia, as well as Kazakh RDs, lag behind the level of technology of the world leaders in the production of asphalt plants by many criteria. Among them, the following can be distinguished: the lack of the use of innovative developments in the technological processes for the preparation of asphalt concrete mixtures, the lack of additional dust cleaning systems to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, the lack of reliable components in factories from European and American suppliers, minimal convenience for servicing and repairing components and assemblies , low requirements for the safety of employees when working with equipment.

So why doesn't the presence of so many shortcomings stop buyers from purchasing Russian asphalt plants? Is it just a matter of habit? Of course not.For most manufacturers of asphalt concrete mix, price plays an important role in choosing a supplier, and the cost of domestic installations, in comparison with high-tech equipment from other countries, is often much lower.

Today, enterprise managers have the opportunity to invest money as efficiently as possible when purchasing modern equipment. To do this, you can contact a developing company, the volume of which has not yet been burdened with large expenses, which means that the price-quality ratio of the new asphalt plant will be optimal.

This year, a new player has appeared on the asphalt mixing plant market - Tatmash, whose production facilities are located in the very heart of Tatarstan. One of the company's objectives is to supply affordable, but at the same time, high-quality equipment that will meet the level of installations of leading manufacturers in the road construction industry. The company's specialists have no doubts about the implementation of this task, especially since the first plants have already been delivered to Orenburg and Cherepovets.
On the territory of the Tatmash enterprise, mechanical processing of metal products is carried out, locksmith welding and painting works are carried out, equipment is assembled and tested.

As components of the supplied units, gear motors from SEW-EURODRIVE (Germany), strain gauges from Mettler Toledo (Switzerland), RIELLO burners for a heating fluid heater, FBR burners for a drying drum, OLI vibrators, WAM augers (all - Italy), hose material are used. Nomex DuPont filters (USA).For fast and accurate transmission of information from sensors to the operator's computer screen, a Siemens programmable controller (Germany) is placed in the control system, and reliable electrical components from Schneider Electric (France) are used. The software interface allows you to conveniently monitor the operation of all components and assemblies of the asphalt plant, control data on the components of the mixture, configure and save the recipe, and display reports on the finished product.

Today Tatmash supplies two series of asphalt concrete plants - Start and Sputnik. The difference between them lies in the configuration: the number of bunkers of inert materials and the number of sifted fractions of hot material. The Start series comes with 5 bins and provides 5 fractions, while Sputnik comes with 6 bins and guarantees 6 fractions. Otherwise, the two series are similar: they are stationary batch plants, made in overall dimensions for possible transportation; divided into 4 models with a capacity of 80 to 160 tons per hour; the volume of the bunkers is 8 or 12 m³; the warranty is 12 months.

In addition to equipment for the preparation of asphalt concrete mixture, the company from Tatarstan manufactures and sells soil-mixing plants of the Standart series with a capacity of up to 300 tons per hour, as well as heaters of liquid coolant Standart and Premium. The Tatmash enterprise is successfully located in the central part of Russia - this contributes to the rapid delivery of the entire line of equipment and spare parts to customers from different federal districts. Thus, the modernization of the customer's existing ABZ takes up to 10 days, and the installation supervision takes 14 days. Taking into account the manufacture of new installations in up to 30 days and aggregates up to 15 days, the prompt purchase of an asphalt concrete plant for any enterprise becomes an easy task. Today this is especially important: the delivery of high-tech equipment from Europe and Asia, due to the congestion of logistics centers, is difficult, and is unlikely to be resolved in the near future.

Tatmash service support specialists are professionals with extensive experience in the production area: from repairing components and assemblies to launching large facilities. They supervise the installation of equipment, train the customer's employees, provide warranty service, carry out the necessary repairs and help draw up a plan for the modernization of the plant. If the enterprise needs urgent technical assistance, then the engineers visit the territory of the enterprise within 1-2 days. The close location of the airport in Kazan and the availability of vaccinations for each employee make the movement of specialists around the country fast and timely.

If you are planning to buy a high-tech asphalt concrete plant, then pay attention to the Tatmash company. The plants manufactured at the Russian enterprise are one of the best Russian ABPs.The low cost of new modern technology allows you to make a choice in its favor, even in comparison with European used factories. Moreover, many models are in stock and can be delivered in a short time.

To receive a commercial offer for equipment - call 8 (843) 208-66-88 or send a letter to the mail Our managers will tell you about the terms of delivery of equipment, send all the necessary information to make a decision in favor of  Tatmash. Tatmash asphalt mixing plants are a guarantee of high quality equipment at affordable prices.


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