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Spare parts

We supply equipment for your plant
Troubleshooting, repair, conservation, modernization - each process needs spare parts for the asphalt plants. At the same time, the nature of the work assumes the presence of completely different parts and components: in one case, a repair kit will be enough, in the other, a new burner will be needed. For efficient maintenance of production facilities, it is important to pay attention to a supplier of spare parts with a large selection of original parts and their counterparts, a constant stock, as well as an affordable price. All these criteria have developed in the Tatmash company.

Tatmash supplies spare parts for asphalt concrete plants of foreign and domestic manufacturers. Here you can find everything you need to repair or replace failed components and assemblies of the plant: load cells, conveyor belts, drives, gates, screen sieves, mixer blades and much more. We store frequently requested items in our warehouses and constantly maintain their availability, which allows us to significantly reduce the delivery time of spare parts to the enterprise.

Direct cooperation with European, American and Asian manufacturers helps us to supply a wide range of spare parts at an optimal cost. Our partners include such reliable companies as Riello (Italy), IMI Norgren (USA), Mettler Toledo (Switzerland), WAM (Italy), Omron (Japan), SEW-EURODRIVE (Germany), Camozzi (Italy), Dungs (Germany) , Zemic (China), DuPont Nomex (USA), Siemens (Germany) and many others.If it is necessary to install spare parts at the ABZ, the Tatmash technical support team is ready to promptly go to the customer's enterprise to perform installation supervision and commissioning. At the same time, specialists help not only to restore the equipment's operability, but also to draw up a plan for its modernization. For example, replace a mixing tower or add a finished product hopper.

To order spare parts for the asphalt plants with delivery throughout Russia, call us at 8 (843) 208-66-88 or leave a request on the website. Our managers will guide you on the availability of goods, cost and delivery time.
Tatmash Company is your assistant on the way of stable operation of the asphalt concrete plant.